Start a Fantasy Football League with Tailgate

✔ Customizable fantasy football league of any size

✔ Fantasy football league for your office or workplace

✔ Free and easy to play

✔ Fantasy football for all skill levels

Cheering fans and iPhone showing the three rules of Tailgate Fantasy Sports. 1 pick your favorite team. 2 set a three-man lineup using players from your favorite team only. 3 rotate two players each game.
Tailgate Fantasy Sports offers a simplified approach to fantasy football, making it more accessible to players of all levels.

Even beginners can enjoy the game while still providing seasoned veterans and experienced managers with a fun challenge.

With Tailgate, you can easily create a league of any size, set the number of playoff teams, then compete throughout the season to see who comes out on top.

Unlike most leagues that limit the number of teams, Tailgate allows for unlimited league size, making it an excellent choice for work leagues for even large offices. You can boost morale and office banter while giving everyone an equal chance to win, regardless of their experience with fantasy football.
A comparison table of features and characteristics of Tailgate Fantasy Sports vs. traditional fantasy football sites and daily fantasy football sites.

Start a fantasy football league for the upcoming NFL Season!

Start a fantasy football league with Tailgate for the 2023 - 2024 NFL season!

Custom fantasy football league of any size for the NFL season and playoffs.

Perfect fantasy football league for your office.
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