How to Play

1. Pick your favorite NFL team

Don't get stuck rooting for rival players on gameday. With Tailgate Fantasy Sports, it's ok to be a fan! Pick your favorite NFL team and get back to rooting for your squad.

2. Pick your favorite players

Set a 3-man lineup with players from your favorite team only. The same roster can't be used in back-to-back games, and you must rotate two players each game.

*Apply power-ups to your players to maximize their gameday score! 💪

3. Rack up the points

Score points and climb the leaderboard with each contest.Know more than your fellow fans? Prove it.
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Why Tailgate?

Tailgate is a new fantasy football game

Pick your favorite NFL team, choose your favorite players and give them power ups to increase their gameday score!
*NFL football only at the moment, but other leagues will be added soon for year-round fantasy sports.

Fantasy football. Simplified.

Tailgate offers fantasy football for beginners and all players of skill levels and experience!

Simple gameplay makes fantasy football with Tailgate accessible to more fans of the game

Quick and easy setup and interface makes Tailgate the perfect fantasy football league of any size, or a work league for your office.

Fantasy football for work

Work fantasy football leagues are great for team chemistry, and Tailgate is an excellent option for work leagues because once each person picks their favorite team, all they have to do is set a weekly lineup; no draft, waiver claims, unfair trades, or anything else to worry about.

Family fantasy football leagues

Family fantasy football leagues are quite popular too! Tailgate is a great option for families with kids just getting started with their research and analytical skills, and you can keep the trash talk going all week long, even around the dinner table.

Fantasy Football For Fans

Sometimes you get caught up between rooting for your favorite team and players, or cheering on your season-long fantasy football team on gameday.

With Tailgate you can play fantasy football and root just as hard for your favorite team.

Pick your favorite team, choose your favorite players, and let the best fan win!

Rack up awards and fill your trophy case.

Score big on Sunday? Have a great in-app streak going? Were you the highest-scoring fan of your favorite NFL team or all of Tailgate? Earn in-app awards and trophies based on how well you play fantasy football. The better you do, the more decorated, and legendary, you become.

Know more than your fellow fans? Prove it.
A comparison table of features and characteristics of Tailgate Fantasy Sports vs. traditional fantasy football sites and daily fantasy football sites.

Start a fantasy football league for the upcoming NFL Season!

Start a fantasy football league with Tailgate for the 2023 - 2024 NFL season!

Custom fantasy football league of any size for the NFL season and playoffs.

Perfect fantasy football league for your office.
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