November 2021

We've added NFL player headshots and health statuses to our fantasy football game!

Now when you login to play Tailgate Fantasy Sports, you won't see the placeholder silhouettes, but rather the faces of the players on your favorite NFL team. You will also be able to quickly determine who on the team is healthy, questionable, doubtful, out, or on IR.

It's crazy how such small tweaks can make all the difference in the world! 🔥

The player headshots gave the app a nice pop of color and will help you put faces to your favorite player's names.

In app screenshot of the player selection page, each player has a headshot, users set a fantasy football lineup using players from their favorite NFL team only

Coming Soon:

In-app awards and trophies coming soon 🏆

We also added a password recovery mechanism to the app. If you happen to forget your login information previously, you had to contact us to retrieve it, but now that process is fully-automated and infinitely more secure.

Thank you again for your continued support for TFS Season 1!

Your efforts and persistence are much appreciated and we love building a new fantasy football game for fans like you! 🍻

-The Team @ Tailgate Fantasy Sports

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