September 2021

NFL football is back baby! 🏈

As you well know, the game launched this preseason, and so far so good! Several new players signed up, so to those newcomers, welcome to the team 🍻

We decided to clear the leaderboard before we start TFS Season 1. We did this so everyone starts from the same point, beginning with week 1 of the NFL season. The preseason beta test was definitely successful though, and thanks for setting your lineups so we could test everything!

There are a few other additions of note:

-We added defense and special teams (D/ST), and individual defensive players (IDP) to the game. There are some real monsters out there on defense, so if your team is lucky enough to have one of them, more power to you!

Check out the full scoring page HERE or>Rules>Scoring.

Defensive players and team defenses are actually quite good in Tailgate.

We also improved the player selector flow when setting your lineup. Now it's much more like a traditional table that shows a player's projected points for the week:

In-app screenshot of Tailgate Fantasy Sports fantasy football game. User selects three players from their favorite team only

Coming Soon:

In-app awards and trophies coming soon 🏆

As we continue to add things we'll keep you updated. We can't thank you enough for being a very early player of the game, and if you could be so kind to tell your friends, family, and co-workers about the game, or share on social, we would really appreciate it!

Last thing for now- If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and again, thank you so much for your help spreading the word in advance! 🙌

-The Team @ Tailgate Fantasy Sports

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